Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What More Can A Girl Ask For?

It was just another day for the shopping queen to venture into the grounds of hungry salesman waiting to pounce on their next prey but that prey would not be me.

Since my last Nikon died on me, I had never looked out for new "love" for the past 2 years. Instead, I seek comfort with the various cameras I had with my mobile phones but none seem to satisfy me well. I was hoping to get a simple camera that could offer me good picture qualities and of course the design would have to win me over too.

The first shop I went to was Song Brothers at Sim Lim Square. I had read up on some offers that they had over the Internet but I knew well that they don't exactly have a good reputation when it came to retail. Despite the so call awards sitting by the showcase, I'm still not convinced on their sales service. Hoping to be proved otherwise, they continue to fail my expectations despite the chance given.

I walked in with a model in mind and was further recommended 2 other cameras for an option of "better" picture quality or one that can serve between my needs and an "over the budget" camera he recommended. He kept emphasizing that only their shop had the offer he gave me and the memory card given was original with the same brand as the camera. Honestly, what brand of memory card given to me makes no difference. With the number of brands out there, it may even be a cheaper alternative to get. The price was different from what I saw in the forums and I could easily get that kind of offer at Best Denki too. So I decided to walk away and do the "I need to think about it" excuse.

After that, I walked on to Alan Photo, whose famous for the wide variety of cameras and low prices in the market. I asked 2 of the models I last saw at the other shop and was surprisingly told of a lower price with similar or items that are very much on par with the last shop. The uncle was even able to explain the various functions to me and tried to recommend out brands or models to cater to what I may need. He did not seem pushy nor did he tried to do the "You can't find such a good price outside" statement. It may work with tourist but it's Sim Lim Square for Christ sake! Who doesn't have a compatible offer in such a place?!

Anyway, I was drawn to the Samsung model i70 that he showed me and it fulfilled all the requirements I ever need. Even though I still have some learning to do but I managed to pick up a trick or 2 on using the various modes to take a decent photo. The various functions just blew me away and to be honest, I wasn't looking for one that was packed with so many nitty gritty features. Nevertheless, it made it fun to use and there are so much more options for me to edit photos, which I do a great deal whenever I take pictures. For example, we tried to be funny with this cute lady at the store.

She's one really cute lady who gladly smiled for my camera, who we later decided to make it look kinda funny. ;p *points to uncle* Not Me! Not Me!

Okay, time to reveal what I got...


I couldn't get a very good picture with my phone so I snatch this picture online.

It's gold in color with some kinda design at the front and it has a huge lcd screen behind that looks pretty good. In addition, there are 5 diamonds embedded around the lens. ^^ Gold? Diamonds? What else can be better than this? It's a total girl camera!

So far my experience with them has been rather pleasant and people I know go to them as well. So if you ever need to get a camera, you can consider them. ^^ Alan Photo (SLS)


Old updates:

I went to Plaza Sing one day and chanced upon this Bratwurt Deli at B2. The prices are reasonable and they serve mostly sandwiches and hotdogs with huge sausages. It's quite crowded during lunch hour and even when I was there early, the place was half packed with some waiting for their takeouts. I decided to try the Beef/Pork Hotdog.

When it came, I was pleasantly surprise at the nicely toasted bun with that huge, juicy sausage beckoning for me to bite into it. Hmmm~~ It was served with mustard and some white vege that I forgot what's it called. It's a common side dish that Germans usually eat ad it goes really well with the sausage. Even with that painful ulcer, I decided to forgo that pain by enjoying the juicy meat and crispy bun. YUM! In terms of innovation, I feel that it is better than SuperDogs in Vivocity. But if you're into something messy and spicy, SuperDogs will be a better choice. I suppose they are good in their own ways.

The Bratswurt Hotdog cost me close to $5 but that is considered a cheap lunch in the city area. I will be back for more of their food but I appreciate if the worker in the kitchen can be more discreet when she's reprimanding the staff. It's an open kitchen and the way she scolded that girl was so embarrassing.


Now that I have a camera, I can shoot pictures of my recent "project". I decided to do what I always wanted to do. Decorate my stuff, the Jap way. *hehehe*

My guinea pigs are my mobile phone and NDSL

I stuck rhinestones on the ribbons for the NDSL decal. Only use good quality Crystals! This was a fast project and it took me only an hour to finish.

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