Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Delicate Floral Gems

This is a super late entry on my previous nail art.

I chose this out of (as usual) a Jap magazine but I forgot what's the name of the magazine. This was done like more than a month ago and Clara only managed to upload it recently.

The base was a light pink with florals on alternate fingers that consisted of purple and pink centers. It's accompanied with little pearls, silver balls and Swaroski crystals. I had quite a hard time with this as it kept dropping whenever I brush my hand through my hair. *faints* Nevertheless it was a nice job except for some of the misalignment of certain areas and she forgot to file down the nail that she re-did the acrylic. It was also the first time I broke my acrylic nails and I must be lucky not to have snapped my nail below. *phew* My nail was also at it's longest in this picture. ;p


Still, I realised how tired she looked on 2 occasions I was there and a bit of workmanship was compromised. Well, we're all humans and we do get tired once in a while. Good thing she was quite perky the next time I was there. I will update on my current nail art in my next few posts. Stay tune! ^^


:: Enjoy ::


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