Thursday, August 30, 2007

Movie Review: Ratatouille

This is a long awaited movie that I've been dying to catch. Cooking has always been one of my interest and a flair for good food is to die for. When both are combined, it's an ultimate favourite for me. ^^

I went to catch the sneak preview yesterday and tickets were really hard to get. Most cinemas were filled up by morning. O_O Still, nothing could stop me from watching it.

The show lasted for about 2hours with the advert time thrown in. It had a nice, cosy storyline on family and constant reminders on how we could do what we believed we could. I just loved how the show motivated a person in doing something they dreamt of and with the positive moral values instilled in the show, it's a hit with the kids as well. The graphics were adorable and I love how they spoke in that muffled up French accent. It also had a lot of amusing scenes and a good movie to have a good laugh after a hard day of work.

At the end of the show, many applauded and I believe that would be a sign of a successful movie. Even Joe commented that it was better than watching 881, which I agreed without hesitation.

Predicted next movie... Eva Almightly ^_^

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