Friday, August 24, 2007

Movie Review

I recently went to watch the movie, 'Bourne Ultimatum' and I can understand why it's right smack at the top of the box office.

A little skeptical of watching it but since Joe wanted to then I obliged and surprisingly, even though it already into it's 3 movie, the action is still just as good. It kept me rooted in my seat and occasionally feeling the pulse of my heart, nervously beating away. Of course if you haven't watched a single episode before then it may be a puzzling movie for you. So do watch it on the DVD before going for the movie. ;p

Tonight will be the 881 movie and I've heard all the rave and seen all the fully booked slots. Sometimes I wonder if it's just over-rated that people just rush to it like bees to honey. That's the disadvantage of shows with too much of publicity, it gives people higher expectations.

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