Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yet Another Over Rated Movie

I think the disadvantage of overly promoting a movie is the high expectations that one will develop in the process of it.

The tickets were not only hard to get but the movie got a tad draggy after some time. Not to mention the ridiculous special effects that are not up to standard and the amount of Hokkien was just overwhelming. The only place it can be a hit, is in places where Hokkien exist. Nevertheless without the dialect, it didn't feel as good. In addition, the whole movie was done up to be a musical, which was an innovative idea but unfortunately a flop for it's standards. A musical would probably be like the movie, Hairspray. Towards the end, I thought it felt far to draggy and the camera angles serve no form of artistic view. I really wished I could fast forward. ;p

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