Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back To Childhood Days ~ Bambi

I used to love Bambi so much when I was a kid and I wondered why there wasn't a forest around. Silly thoughts of a child who buried herself in fairytale story books all day.

One day when I chanced upon this cute picture on Nail Max magazine, I just had to do it. So! Presenting to you the recent nail art is Bambi. Unfortunately, this is a super late post and it's been on my nails for nearly a month and I'm due to remove it tomorrow.

Clara was new at doing this character and she took like 20-30mins on the first one. It was quite well done but I hoped she could have been more consistent on the second Bambi. It wasn't as round and protruding. Nevertheless, it was still pretty. ^^ I combined 2 different nail art pictures into one.

Enjoy ^^...


Bambi On Print vs. Bambi In Real

Other Nail Art Added To Bambi

Pix By Clara

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