Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Food Shoes Food Shoes

I popped by Bedok Food Court on 2 occasions for dinner and lunch. I opted for the Malay version of their noodle soup. It cost $5 but it was well presented with generous amount of ingredients.

Looks tempting, isn't it? ^^ The soup base has a strong taste of chilli sauce, giving it a bit of tangy and sweet sensation. Although ingredients are not very well cooked but it wasn't badly done as well. Overall, it was still acceptable.

We also ordered hokkien mee because there was a long or rather slow queue. Sadly it wasn't within expectations, even though it didn't taste bad as well. On another occasion when I was there for lunch, things got a little worse. I ordered Vongole Pasta from a Pizza stall there and Joe ordered a Bak Kut Teh from a infamous stall. To be honest, it was the worse Vongole ever and the ribs in the Bak Kut Teh were nice, except for the soup was just average. The next thing shock me even more! I have never seen watermelon juice that horrible. At first I taught the watermelon wasn't sweet but when it settled down, 1/5 of the cup was juice and the bottom was all water. I felt so cheated of my $$. I don't think we will be going back there anymore.

Okay, after a bad review, it's time for a fabulous "Sweet" deal.


I only realise this Ice-Cream shop while passing by along East Coast Road. It's quite insignificant as it's hidden along a row of shops under a private estate. Although the flavors ain't a lot but the quality of the ice cream is one of the best I had. There is also a large variety of mix-ins like mash mellow, cereals, etc. The only down side is the limitation of seating but it's really cosy. I'll definitely be back for more. Oh! I tried the holicks and chocolate flavor, Yum!


One day, a girl walked by a lovely shoe sitting delicately on the shelf. Days later, the images continued to pester her, so a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

The color is much redder and shinier...but the fitting is really good.

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