Friday, September 07, 2007

Ranting Day

On my first attempt on my brand new sewing machine, I managed to shorten the length of my petticoat. Unfortunately, my next trial proved disastrous.

I wanted to test out one of the zig zag designs and promptly switched to that particular mode. In less than a second, the thread went jam below and so I tried to pull it out. After that, I tried again and it got stuck a second time. Even with the next few attempts, it all failed and on my last try, the thread wouldn't budge. With a screwdriver, I opened the lid below but it was a little tight. So I tried to pry it open, which I shouldn't have ... 1 of the latch below snapped off. Sigh~ How much more worse can it get?! Even after clearing the threads below, it was clear that something was significantly wrong and the service guy had to be called in. Verdict will only be known next week.

Rant For The Day

When I looked at the time, it was lunch and I left house feeling grumpy with the damaged I did.

On my way home, I was walking along the shelter at the underpass when an uncle on a bicycle cam behind me. He rang his bell a few times but there were 2 other lanes outside that he could have ride on. I suppose he didn't want to be under the sun. When he passed me, he turned and made a "Zee" sound. You know how irritating it was to hear that and I was so grumpy already. I proceeded to mumble, "siao." LOL! I really wished I had said it louder but I quietly hoped he fell off his bicycle instead. In the first place, it is not right to cycle in an underpass and that comes along with a fine of $1000. He not only rode but even demanded people to give way to him. He's mad! If the uncle walking in his direction was not moving away then why should I who had my back facing him be the one giving way. Anyway, I deliberately walked on because I knew he was at fault to be cycling on the path. These are just some of the unreasonable people we meet in our everyday life. If you want an easy way out in your life, don't presume that others are obliged to make their lives more troublesome just for your LAZY behaviour. !@$!#%!$@##!!

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