Friday, October 12, 2007


It's been close to 2 weeks since I caught a cold from my student that left her sister and mother sick for 3 weeks as well. *faint*

Unfortunately, I'm not a good care taker for myself and now I'm stuck with a horrible throat. Itchy and soar with class to go to tomorrow. *sobs~ It was then I realised I caught a cold last month and this month again. I have another 3 weeks to recover for my long awaited holiday where I can munch on all the (yummy) goodies. *slurp* It seems like there are quite some stuff awaiting arrival next week, 4 parcels to be exact and hopefully they can all be on time. *cross fingers*

I be posting up final pictures when the last batch of my crystals arrive from (fashion city) New York. *yeah ^_^__v* It is relatively priced and with the super low US rates right now, it's hard to resist shopping online. So do stock up on stuff or get that expensive item you've been eying online as it's not everyday that US dollar fall below 1.50. My jaw dropped when I saw the rate, just unbelievable. If only there's a branded bag I want then it be the perfect time to get but there is no rush in finding that next perfect dream bag. *hiak hiak*

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