Monday, October 29, 2007

Eyelash Perming

It's been like donkey years since I ever tried eyelash perming and along came a sudden urge to try it again. Although the place I did isn't the cheapest around but it's not expensive as well. I know of places that charge close to $40 for it and I think that is way overpriced.

I arrived 5 mins earlier, only to hear a woman raising her voice in the salon and complaining about the horrible eyelash perm she had just before me. Not sure whether to feel scared or irritated but I still went ahead for it.

Steps to an eyelash perm:
1) She will wipe ur eyelids with a tissue.

2) Apply a stick on mould where she will try to fix your eyelashes on it.

3) The perming lotion is gently applied onto the lashes and later covered up by clear fling.

4) Time is needed for the lotion to set in and later on, she will apply another lotion to hold the curl in place.

5) After a little while more, she'll remove the clear fling and wipe the lashes clean.

Then there you have it, lovely curled lashes. I felt a little itchy after a little of the lotion touched the inner sides of my eyelids. Due to the delicate skin around the eyes, it's good if they can wipe off the access or you can just let the itch fade off. The lids looked a little red at first but soon it subsided. Unfortunately, throughout the whole session, the lady outside was raising her voice at the beauticians on her failed eyelash perm and I gradually felt very irritated by all the commotion. As much as I could understand their anger, the ambiance was certainly undesirable. I may prefer to try elsewhere the next time.

I couldn't get a clear picture as I had to estimate my eye level and possible try not to shake my hands. Roughly, you can see the curl of the lashed. It's still pretty stiff right now and I'm hoping it'll look more natural as time goes by. The sad thing was that one strand at the end did not manage to curl but the rest were pretty much alright. I have also included a pair of fake lashes that I bought from SASA. Most likely I'm going to try it out in the next 2 days with my newly permed lashes. Then I'll update pictures of the eyelashes and I'm feeling quite excited to try them as it's my first time doing it myself.

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