Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Looks Are All I Need

After browsing through numerals phones and potential phones waiting to be launched, I have yet to find one that is as sleek as the Samsung U700.

I need a phone that I can slip into my pocket when I'm walking about without my purse or at least I need not have problem squeezing in other stuff that most likely be bigger than my phone. Of course, I still love my Sharp mobile as it gave me a certain sensation that I couldn't quite describe with words. Not to mention the effort put in to decorate it with the lovely crystals and japan imported flowers.

After waiting for (god knows) how long, I finally managed to get a excellent second hand U700 at the price I was willing to pay. Many are expecting really high prices for their used set and it takes extreme care and caution to take care of such a delicate phone. Just 2 days ago, I met with another seller who claimed to have a scratch free phone. To me astonishment, the navigation wheel was fill with scratches and the mirror sides had hairline scratches as well. *tsk tsk* I was totally turned off by it. I even wonder if it was the bad condition or the dishonesty that disappointed me more. It surprised me even more when he was actually a man with age who looked older than my dad. -.-"

Anyway, I got mine from a young lady whom I thought she sound like an Ind-Chinese from the way she spoke. Honest and patient to my inquiries, allowing me to test the phone while she glanced over at the (darn) attention seeking Sharp. LOL! Well, the wonders of Japanese phones - a head turner.

As expected, the mirror sleek finish totally blown me off but the sensitive touch buttons can get quite annoying. The navigation felt a little "laggy" but using the usual pressing style proved easier. It can be used both ways (*phew) and with prolong use, I can get used to the touch screen buttons. Knowing exactly where to touch to avoid pressing the wrong button (skill!). Sadly, I somehow miss the blings on the phone....should I? *evil thought*

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