Monday, October 08, 2007

The Night Owl Sees Light!

I couldn't think of another title for myself. So, calling myself an owl sounds nicer than a vampire.

Usually I will prefer to be hidden away from sunlight and out during the moonlight but when I hear that there is an interesting activity going on, even eagles drop by to say hi. (and) I mean literally eagles did drop by while we were out in that secluded "dessert".

The "models" for the day were ...

A beauty but unfortunately... it suffered a fatal accident...

It was unbearably hot but we all had a great time that day. Maybe next time we should bring a picnic basket as well. *hehehe*


:: Crystal U700 Day 2 & 3 ::

I spent a couple of hours on a Friday & Sunday afternoon puting up another hundreds of crystals on that sleek phone. Luckily, this time round I did not suffer a stiff neck and I ran out of crystals half way. *sigh* Have to get more supplies.. but somehow I wonder if it would be nicer with some colors at the side. I had to wait another week if i were to make orders for that and probably start using the phone without the sides done. Alternatively, I can just get the clear crystals and finish it up once and for all. Maybe later I will crack my brains out at the shop and decide on what I want to do with it.

changed the color of the crystal on the menu button and the wheel can scroll now ^^

The top was the easiest, so I started from there before going on to the sides with the small sizes. It's not hard but pretty tedious and when the first row was up, I thought it was that bad.

2nd row up, my neck was getting a little tired and it's hard to get by the curve..

3rd row up and it didn't look so bad after all but I lacked a smaller size to fill in the gap.

This is how it looks right now but it's still not complete and there are a total of 650 crystals on the phone ALREADY! ... good luck to myself


Updates A Week Later ...

Finally, the Topaz stones were in within a week and I managed to finish up the sides. So, here is the end product or close to end as I still have a little bit of final touches for the back. It may not be very well done but I suppose it's good enough for me. ^^ Hopefully my next project will be better. *cross my fingers for the next batch of crystals coming in ... *


More updates ( 1 Day Later...)

I added a trinket to hide the misaligned crystals. ;p Well, I'm a newbie but it's all about creativity. Sometimes certain things just seem to lack in it and I suppose this should work. Although I was hoping to find a "Bling" Iguana but that's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

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