Friday, October 05, 2007

To Bling Is An Art (of Patience)

It amazes me how certain shops that provide "bling" service for mobile phones can get it done within a day. Either it's done with a half past six job or be prepared to see those horrifying huge fake crystal staring back at you. So, I decided that the best way to do things is to D.I.Y.

After hunting around, I managed to find lots of bling crystal in Chinatown but colors were limited. I chose crystal as I didn't want to change the elegant style of the phone. Not to mention they had almost all the sizes and most importantly, the tiny winy size that I had so hard a time looking for it. Either I found one that was way too small or too big. I was also surprised by a mixture of qualities amongst the good ones and it was so obvious without the luxurious shine. After grabbing all the crystals I think I need ... well.. hopefully it's enough. (pray hard) I had it in all sizes to fit the various angles and even the navigation wheel of my darling u700. (wink)

Being the anxious me, I couldn't wait till Sunday - so I decided to start on the scrolling wheel. Since it's probably one of the easiest to finish and even so, my neck was a little strain by the time I was done. I can't believe how I'm going to survive on Sunday. (sobs!) It is no wonder why woman can endure hardship in the name of beauty. Not that I never had a taste of it, from my last experience with my DS Lite and Sharp phone. Nevertheless, I still marvel at them whenever they're on my hands. ^^

This is the start of my tedious journey into converting my U700 into a full bling machine (or rather 3/4 la). I love the mirror finish in the front and I wonder if it's going to be too much of an overkill to cover it fully with crystals. So for now I decide to leave it as it is with that lovely reflective screen. First up, we need some shimmery bling as the base. You know, like the kind we use to paint on our nails but of course I do not use nail varnish (faint). It took about 30mins for it to dry up and it is better to allow such fluids to dry up completely.

amazing BLING

After that, it will be the start of creativity, a right mix of size and design. I decided to go with a pearl center and crystal clear "diamonds" in 2 rolls round the wheel. I think it be easier to press the center button as the pearl is rather protruding, making it easier for people with long nails (like me). Joe can't stop feeling amuse whenever I press my phone but at least I don't press it with my nails lor! I want to keep it in as good a condition as possible. The 2 rolls of crystals were laid out from inside out and I suppose there's no need to explain why (right?). The pearl was added last as it's so big and much more easier to align nicely.

I took one picture without flash and it looks kind of dull but in real life, it really isn't. I try to use flash to show the shine but somehow it's not too obvious. That's my 1 hour 15 minutes job, a little long but I took pains to align everything nicely to make sure I had enough to cover before re-doing it again with the glue. Better to waste a little time in the beginning than to waste a night away. Giving it a few more glances, I really hate the plastic on the front but I'm looking for one that has a static back and so far everyone is selling the cheapo adhesive kind. My hello kitty screen protector from the old phone doesn't fit so well and because it has a privacy film, the brightness and sharpness of the graphics are compromised.

Next, I'll need to go get more glue and TIME to finish the surrounding of the phone and mind you, most people use a 16mm stone while I use 8 - 12mm ones (with exception at the bottom where I'm planning to use 20mm). That's going to take double the work but I think it will look better. My estimation to finish the phone will be 6 hours.


Some back dated news,
my haircut from Kimage about a few weeks ago. ^^

I suppose with long hair, there isn't much to play around but now it feels so much lighter and with proper styling, the curls and haircut really compliments each other. Now I need to take care of it till my next major touch up and I never realised how long those curls have been on me till Jason, my stylist calculated it out to be 7 months. O_O

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