Monday, October 22, 2007

Yet Another Wish Come True

Each time I accomplish a goal, the fulfillment is indescribable. Even though the process is slow but the achievements are great. ^^ With patience, there's always a great deal round the corner.

Just slightly more than a week and I can be on the plane to Taipei, where I can shop to my heart's desire. It seems like Autumn there isn't that cold but I notice the slight rainy and windy weather. Fortunately the typhoon has died down a little and now I have the dilemma of what to wear there. My shoes are not exactly rain friendly and I wonder if slippers are in favor (somehow I sense a NO!). I thought of wear my boots or my puma sneakers and I realised they were both made of suede. Should I ??!! Heels are definitely a big no no since I'm going to do some walking around and my crocs are not a all rounder. Oh man! Travelling in style is a big headache.

Oh hack it! I probably wear my boots there and if it gets destroyed by the rain, I'll buy a PVC one there. LOL!!! I want to prowl the night markets and fashion shops for more blouse and accessories. Then venture to the beauty shops for some face mask, mascara and whatever I can lay my hands on. Now I just need to settle what I'm going to bring there and for sure, that'll be an empty luggage. (^_^)v

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