Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Box Box Day

I had quite an enjoyable Christmas with a couple of girl friends and not to mention the yummy Christmas Eve dinner.

We chatted about our latest happenings amidst the breezy nature wind and dimly lit tea candles. It's amazing how time flies and within a few more days, it's time to welcome the new year. Although we were told to clear the table by 8pm but I suppose the lack of attendance for some patrons have left the outdoor a little empty and hidden in a corner, we shared all the woos and laughters. It was one amazing night and not to mention the relaxing drink at the side of the pool with the lightly lit up Sentosa beach. I really miss being in places away from tall buildings and the heat amidst the human crowd.

One thing I know for sure as a New Year resolution, those who are dear to me - you know who you all are, will definitely be there in my heart for the many years to come. Nothing beats the happiness I see on your faces. SMILE!!! ^^

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