Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cakes, Snowman, Presnts..Whatelse Do We Need For Xmas?

Nails, my dear~ NAILS!!

I spent an hour and a half to reach that place (so inconvenient for me now lor~), an unexpected 2 hours of waiting time (I don't want to complain about it...sigh~), a cup of Strawberry and Mango Tea, apple juice and tons of joking around, that I ended up with this.

It's been a few months since I last saw nail art on my nails, need a bit of getting used to. I customized the layout of each design from 3 different groups of nail art in the magazine. So each finger is a different design. Of all the designs, I love the cake most. Sometimes I wish all these can be kept after removal but sadly no, they are usually pried off with the cutter. Heart pain right? I suppose when I did it more often the last time, it didn't feel so bad but maybe because it's the most extravagant this round, so can't bare to see it go. *sob~

For now, just enjoy! ^^

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