Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pink Maddness

I've been lacking sleep and my eyes are as tired as hell... I need to KO early tonight , get lunch tomorrow afternoon and off to do my nails after that.

Just spent some time looking through my nail art magazine where I marked down designs I have shortlisted for tomorrow's session. It's Christmas soon, so naturally I'll go for xmas pictures. Although I did had a headache designing what goes where and now all I'm left with is to discuss the base color with Clara tomorrow. It's been some time since I did nail art, hopefully I can get used to it.

To side track a little, I just received my pink keyboard cover and suddenly I realised the amount of pink stuff together with Hello Kitty lying all over the table. There's the pink kitty calculator, pink kitty dustbin and recently I got a kitty biscuit with (well) a heart shape kitty tin. *roll eyes* Not including the pink keyboard and pink mirror.. sometimes I can't stand myself too.

By the way, I received an early xmas pressie from SGClub. Thank you for the lovely gesture and it's so adorble. *Kitty Alert*


The Jewel Box

We had intended to go to The Jewel Box for drinks and to celebrate my brother's birthday but when we heard that the entrance fee allowed us a ride in the cable car, we immediately jumped at the idea of celebrating in the cable car. It was only $3 as compared to the $10++ I paid last time. We were also greeted with a pleasant "snowing" surprise but it's actually soap foam. Still, we were fascinated and excited like kids. *snap snap*

A visit to the washroom simply left me speechless. How I wish my room looked like that lor!! The glass windows gave a fabulous view from the hill top with relaxing blue lantern lamps illuminating the place, giving it that chic look. With the large fish tank by the side, it just adds to the glam factor. One of the nicest washroom I've been to.

I was trying to use the mirror as a reflection to photographed the view out there. Stunning!

I have no idea how I took this shot in the cable car as all the other night views were blurry from the speed.
I love the tinted moisturizer that I got from Taipei. Not only does it make my face illuminate in the light but it helps lighten my complexion by 1 shade. Love it! (but hate the pimple on the other side of my cheek) The tall, skinny Xmas Tree. Although I don't think it looks like a tree but more like a lighted tower.

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