Monday, January 14, 2008

Deal or No Deal?!

I've been having such a hard time trying to decide on a phone that I got so fed up. Maybe I'll just use my voucher as a way to get some much needed $_$. Currently, I'm trying to be more thrifty for a while and pump up my bank account. I'm so in need for that.. ;p

Anyway, I had a great dinner tonight. It's so good that I finish my rice at record speed with just the gravy alone (if there weren't any other dishes around). Second round will be highly anticipated!!!

With CNY around the corner, I am still not in the mood to get new clothes. Most likely I'll get tops and wear them with the bottoms I already have. I'm so much of a "shorts" girl that my jeans are practically forgotten in the wardrobe. So bad of me! >_< New year resolution, never forsake the clothes that I once loved. Just a few weeks ago, I started digging out clothes that I once used to wear and I simply forgot as they were hung together with all the rest. That's what happens when a girl has too small a wardrobe space. x_x For the moment,I'm trying to learn more about coordinating my clothes and matching them with all the right pieces. It's a never ending journey and often I just mismatch things. Especially when I'm in a rush... Resolution, wear lesser T-Shirts (I almost typed shits..LOL!) and hopefully be able to find some nice tops in Bugis Village. That's where I', planning to find my CNY clothings and maybe drop by fashion label, NESS. They really have very clean cut clothes that I love and the workmanship is excellent. Forget G2000, it's time OLs hit the other stores!

Hmm.. what other New Year resolutions should I make? Eat less spicy food (for the sake of my stomach), have lesser bubble tea (for the sake of my complexion), find another brand of skin care (in a mission to rid myself of blemishes!), drink more water (I might just accomplish the previous 2 resolutions at one go), see less 女人我最大 (for the sake of being neutralized of the poison I got from a year of watching), sleep earlier (so I don't need to spend $50 on a darn eye cream to get rid of my dark eye rings) and to stay happy. ^^ i didn't know i actually had so many new year resolutions and how easy it was for me to type them all out with my half awaken mind now. There are so many things I want to accomplish but whenever I fail to write them down, I'll just forget them all. Yeah~ My memory is quite bad, so I decide to use the lovely notebook given by TCC that has been lying around the house. ;p

Speaking of which, it reminded me of a shocking truth I got from Coffee Club. I was shopping with my Twin when we got tired and decided to have a cup of tea. We dropped by Coffee Club and reality hit me when I saw the prices they demanded for their food. Although it wasn't awfully expensive but it was neither worth it as well. I can easily get a better selection and quality at TCC with that price. Alternatively, we could have hanged out at Cafe Cartel as well. I sensed that I won't be going back there for a very (very) long time.

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