Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Decided

I can't believe I've been talking about phones for the past few posts. It's either I'm insane or I'm too much of a thinker that I try to make things perfect (the hard way...). After much careful consideration, I've decided to fix my mind on one phone, V9.

It's a 3G version of the V8 and I know the luxury version is too beautiful to resist but to pay $688 with a 48month contract is TOTALLY insane! I might not even forgive myself for going into such indulgence. Maybe because the price of gold are increasing so even with gold plating, they have to increase the price of the phone (just as much). Tomorrow after class, I'll drop by the shop and get things done. Before that, I'll send things out at the post office. I just love it when I complete another spree and my buyers are happy. ^^ (So am I =p) Just can't imagine when the VS spree items arrive and the room will be flooded with clothes. Then I can start doing newer sprees *yipee!* and shop, shop, shop. Well, actually I'm trying to cut down as I have something else in mind. ^^

Alright, I'll update later on about my new phone and probably new "Bling" project. *hehehe* As of now .. mahogany or grey?! Hmmm... ...

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