Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Start of A New Working Year

It's time to fatten up the wallet and work hard till the next end of the year. Time flies at a rate that is so hard to gasp and every new years eve still feels so vivid in my mind.

I've been getting sms-es, phone calls from buyers at early morning hours and it's just the second day of the year but I'm so enjoying every moment of it. Shopping for people is such a delight that I cannot refuse doing it. You might say I be tempted to do the same but surprise, surprise, I managed to slowly shy away from over-shopping. Honestly, I feel that I only buy things that I like and are practical to me. Just a reminder but practicality is based on individual preference and standards. Just like how people comment that I can't do work with my nails but I still do. In fact I was able to do household chores, washing of dishes, clothes and going about my daily life with it. I believe a lot of my friends don't even do housework, not to mention washing their own clothes.

Anyway, it's the new year and I'll be removing it this weekend *phew*. Time to rest my nails before Chinese New Year. I hope I'll be more lucky this year and things will work out fine with everyone else. Unfortunately I'm already getting auntie agony calls from friends at work, (well) I suppose it's the start of the year and things might still be new. Time is all it takes for it to settle down but sadly, it's always humans who refuse to balance out their emotions or thoughts. Leaving a trail of emotional distress and instability. If you ask me, that is definitely not the way I want to share my new year. Even though lately I've been feeling rather down but I'm trying to keep my mind off things and concentrate on what's more important right now.

Somehow being more opened up about my emotions might help me cope with it better.

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