Sunday, January 06, 2008

We Need Better Phones

I felt so dishearten as I browse through the mobile phones available for purchase.

It's true that we never get the best of both worlds. If I wanted something pretty, there's the features or camera that I have to give up on and not to mention a price tag attached to it. Neither does it help to know that my network has one of the lousiest 3G reception around and I'm not afraid to let the whole world know it's Starhub! They should really buck up on the quality of their network. Even m1 is getting better reception at places such as far fetched corners of an island or just simply at the underground. Fairly normal if there in between breaks of reception but I can guarantee you that there is not a single bar when I'm underground in the MRT. Sad? yesh! I was so interested in a particular model but unfortunately my 3G network doesn't allow me to make that irrational decision. *sigh~ Why can't we all have those fancy high tech phones that Japan has and we will all be smiling widely and changing phones every other month will become a norm.

I've shortlisted a few phones, namely Nokia 6500, Sony Ericsson Z750i and Dopod D810. They all have certain things that I'm looking for in a phone and they also have certain attributes that I dislike about them. How troubling... What I want is preferable a flip or slide phone, looks matter to me and I reckon all 3 of them have a different look. The Nokia 6500 looks sleek with the stainless steel rawness, the Z750i is glossy and comes in pink (ooohh) and the D810 is one of the smaller pda phone around with nice glossy white cover. It's a chic business mobile in my opinion. All 3 has a similar trait and they all have louder ringtones than my current Samsung. I hoping with my next phone I need not carry it in my hands when I'm at crowded places. Although I do appreciate the fact that there's reminder tones for Samsung. The z750i looks too much like the older model that Sony had earlier and I don't appreciate carrying something that looks like it was made donkey years ago. I've read and heard of the build quality for Nokia and they pretty much do not come up with good enough phones to last for even up to a year without having to send it into the care centre. As for Dopod, I used it once before and it wasn't too bad. With PDA phones, they come packed with features and not to mention the convenience of having WIFI available. Only downside is the camera doesn't perform well and there's no key pad to press on. I will have to constantly use my fingernails to type messages but I reckon it just takes time getting used to it.

After thinking and sorting all these details out, it seems like the D810 is quite a good choice for me. I'm hoping that Starhub will send me a voucher and possibly wish that the phone is still available at the shops as it's been launched for sometime. I also heard that Dopod was taken over by HTC and I don't know but the newer models of HTC phone just don't appeal at first glance. I even played with one of them and briefly got frustrated after awhile. Maybe I will take a better look at it again before deciding.

My constant alien abductions phone calls are frustrating the shit out of me and I have to keep calling back. It's totally getting on my nerves and I really want to get hold of a better phone. There's something about electronics that once they get damaged, it just isn't as good as before. Repair them by all means but something will surface later on. Sad but true. For now, I'll carry on researching on my options.

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