Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not The Way To End The Year

It's been a hectic week with cny preparations on the way, mushrooms cooking away in the slow cooker and the aroma of it filling up the air of the house. It's once again that time of the year where we gather and *gossip*. ;p

Unfortunately, I was getting indigestion for the past 2 days and today I developed some aches in the body and a slight fever. Still I went about posting spree items out that left me half exhausted this afternoon and the half eaten dinner was a bad sign too. I was prepared to K.O on the bed when my mum asked me to go downstairs to get her a pack of rice. -.-" I'm one sick, exhausted girl carrying a 5kg rice home and a pack of panadol hot remedy. Even now, my eyes are closing and I'm feeling really tired but my dinner has yet to be digested and the last thing I need is another round of indigestion. Tomorrow is reunion dinner and I'm taking all precautions to avoid falling ill. I suppose recent events were not helpful as well. Been having personal problems and I had to rush out my spree items so that my buyers can enjoy them during cny. ^^

Sometimes I really hope that problems can be solved with just a snap of a finger but it won't and I hope things can get better as we enter the year of the Rat. Now all I need is someone to make me laugh, genuinely make me smile with joy.

As usual, we all need to pull through tough times and smile at the end of the day. I can feel my optimistic side slip away. Tired, I'm just too tired.

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