Friday, February 15, 2008

Skin Woes

I'm not sure why but one thing I know is skin changes as we grow older. Recently I've been getting more blemishes or pigmentations. After the acne subsides, the mark seems to be darker than usual and it takes hell of a time to lighten. It's been a few months that I've observed this and now one side of my cheek is so filled with marks. *sad!*

I'm now using the Cream de La Mer, a sample I got from a product launch I attended. During the presentation, it seem to be some sort of miracle cream and I was hoping it will help lighten up the marks. 2 weeks into it, I thought the marks seemed lighter till I got a bad diarrheal and fever. After which I got a few breakouts which left me with more marks. Now I'm still continuing with the cream but somehow it has failed to work as well as the first 2 weeks. I suppose I shall finish up the tub and then carry on with my SKII. One must never waste good stuff! ;p

Dermalogica has just launched a new range of products and now I'm thinking of whether to switch or possibly get some of their products to help with my current skin problem. I'm feeling so sad and dejected looking at my skin everyday. I have to use concealer, or I don't dare step out that door of mine. I'm contemplating on the overnight clearing gel or the special clearing booster. They each can easily cost me like $70. *sigh~ I've heard a lot about Dermalogica and how it has helped a friend of mine but unless I finish what I have, I don't want those creams sitting around being white elephants. I spent like $300 on my SKII and I'm not about to waste a drop of it. It's amazing how some have good skin naturally and they don't even need to use expensive products. I've tried a few brands and so far SKII was one that worked for me but I believe with the change in skin condition, I might need something addition to counter that. I did get a rosehip oil from one of my sprees as I heard of it being good for pigmentation. It's been about a week but I haven't seen improvements yet. So most likely I'll see how it turns out when I finish the bottle. It smells really lovely and I believe the ingredients are rather natural. The red wine mask that I use every morning, I would add 2 drops of the oil into it. ^^

I hope one day I need not spend so much on skin care and still be able to maintain nice, healthy skin. >_<

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