Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Presents / Carousel

I had hell of a time thinking and sourcing for present. Even with 4 people sharing, the budget wasn't even enough for what my mum wanted. I pretty much inherited that love for expensive stuff from her. --_--

Initially I thought of getting back another T&C key ring for her but the prices have gone up since I bought it a couple of years ago. Then I ventured into one of my favourite brands, Fendi to see what will be nice. Even after going into a few boutiques, I was actually attracted to the present instantly. I'm not sure if I'm bias to the brand or maybe their prices are justifiable. Somehow after buying, how I wish it was mine. =p

Nice Wrapping

It even has a pouch to protect it.
Simple and nice. ^^ I want one too!!

and.. this is a belated picture of what I got for Joe on VDay. I actually brought that home myself and my hands ached the next day. -.-"

I left something on it to represent ME.. Bling!!

:: Food Review ::

If you are a food lover, you would have known about Carousel by now. They are probably the only cafe in a hotel that I know of, which provide wholesome food 24 hours round the clock. It's amazing for a person who will like to stuff himself nuts at 4am in the morning. XD

The ambience was lovely and it reminded me very much about The Line. Service was excellent, as usual. It's my first time there since it re-opened and my countless times since their old days. LOL! I just love going there. The spread of food has doubled afte the renovation and so similar to what I had from The Line. The sight of it all just blown me off guard.. I told myself that I must try every single thing there. =p..

Starters alone had me going back for 3 servings and I'm really surprise how well it was done. Just delicious!

My favourite.. seafood!

This was one of my main dish and I got lazy photographing... (hehehe) By the way, the bottom left corner is actually braised Waygu Beef. It's my first time tasting it and it was utterly delicious. Beef that melts in your mouth.


These few days have been hectic. I've been busy with my new room, repairing and re-painting. I took 1.5 days to repair the cracks and holes and probably a day to paint. The dust is horrible, and the room smells of old newspapers now. D.I.Y jobs are tough and even with my hands aching, I'm still pushing on to get it done. It's amazing how one is able to do that when they're determined to. ^^ Luckily I had 2 free days to concentrate on the major repair works but I only have half a day tomorrow to get the painting done. The arrival of one gigantic parcel didn't quite help but I had to do it in the middle of the night with my aching joints. (Kneels down and Kow Tow ~ All Hail Spree-ing!!)

Then came another thing in the mail... ...

If you see my last 2 posts, it is regarding this event at Zouk. The publisher has sent me a invite for the part and a free goodie bag at their office awaits me. Oh my! This is only given to the top 20 blog ambassador for their event post and I'm one of the lucky 20. ^^ The invite is just adorable lor!! I'll really really love to go but unfortunately I have to give it a miss. Maybe I'll pass it to a friend and ask her to feedback after that. Nevertheless, I have a goodie bag to console myself.

Better luck next year. ^^

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