Saturday, March 22, 2008

KDramas and The Tissue Box

It's been a busy and sick week. I think I overworked myself the previous week and started falling sick the week after. The flu bug is really getting to me but with some resistance from chilli and fried stuff, I managed to recover relatively well. Now, I'm just stuck with the occasional cough fits.

Hmm.. while sick, I was still working and sleeping late a few times. ;p I really need to rest today but I've got to leave like NOW! Anyway, I'm watching this Korean Drama Full House the past few days and it so so so sad but yet funny at the same time. Although I find their storyline mostly similar.. My mind was drifting to other Korean shows that I can recall with similar scenes. Why do we still love watching? I think it's the element of love that keeps us glued to the screen. Yeah, you can say the guy is cute (blarblar) but not like that's important after 10 episodes if the story is so darn boring. It's just so touching how people love each other without admitting it and one may say it's foolish but I think it's really just a form of protection. Actions always speak louder than words and sometimes people fail to realise that. Some may even say the leads in the show are foolish but it happens in real life and there are more underlying reasons to it. Reasons only they know. Sad you may feel but a few years down the road, thinking back on the things you've done, it becomes sweeter than before. I do admit that this show sure can turn on the water works and I shed a tear while watching it. Not cos I enjoy hugging a tissue box watchig KDramas. -.-" Just that when a show is able to relate to the person, it just touches a person's heart.

Okay, it's time for me to leave and time to stop the darn player from playing the show's song for the (lost count) ... times.

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