Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Maybelline eMagazine

I've always been curious how makeup artist can do such brilliant eye makeup and not to mention the flawless foundation that leaves no trace of marks or bumps. Reading off books and sometimes even magazines can prove to be difficult to understand, Especially when there are no pictures or recommendations of products for various skin types.

Looking at the E-magazine of Maybelline, I vaguely remembered my first Maybelline experience was the use of their foundation. Even though it was one of my favourite brands, I just didn't know what type is suitable and how I should apply to make my skin look better. As I clicked through the pages of the E-magazine, I was greeted with gorgeous models with such flawless looks. I'm dying to learn how to get that natural and fresh complexion.

The website is pretty comprehensive, written with detail on lots of products that are essential for the kind of look I wanted. Just on make up base alone, I learn how the different colors helped with correcting skin tones. Something that I may have missed out in my everyday make-up routine. As I'm always trying to prevent my skin from darkening, UV protection is compulsory in the products I used. By clicking on the various products, I learn about the benefits of each and every one of them.

Moving on, the website also proves to be quite interactive. I believe concealing spots and pimples can be quite a headache. Even for me, I find it hard to achieve the kind of effect I want. They have an article that gives me tips on concealing those marks I fear most and with a click of the mouse, I'm able to learn precisely how to do it.

It's just amazing! The amount of information I can get without leaving my home and while reading through, I can trial the steps right next to my computer. The pages seem endless and ever feature of our faces are covered in such precise detail that left me intrigued for more.

Pages that I enjoyed reading most are the ones regarding application of concealer and foundation. As I believe that having a proper base will create better results and easier application of the other make-up products. Eye make-up is also one of my favorites. My eyes are the biggest assets to me and bringing out what we are most confident with will brighten up the look.

After reading this, I can brush up on my make-up skills and leave home with a more confident me. ^^

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