Friday, April 11, 2008

All Thing Fendi

It's surprising how I grew to love Fendi over the years. I used to think of it as an "ah lian" brand but the designs changed and I observed how different their designs were from the other brands.

LV is also starting to branch into different looks but majority of their bags are still pretty common and somehow if you ask me, there isn't much unique designs to talk about. When I pay a couple of thousands for a bag, I must be able to justify to myself why it's worth those thousands. If you tell me to pay $2k more on top of the material used for the sake of the "Name", I will rather look else where.

Fendi does have certain querky looks that isn't practical on a daily basis but it sure does add a dash of color. I love the new striking color baguettes and the smell of their luxurious leather. So intoxicating!

The event was small but absolutely exclusive to Fendi customers. We were greeted with friendly staffs as compared to snobbish ones I've seen in other boutiques. Lets not even mention names here, you know, I know. ;p

2 waiters were stationed at the entrance for us to grab a drink before proceeding in and this Caucasian guy was really interesting. He was in charged of the champagne for that night and I suppose he was disappointed that we didn't tried his drinks but I promised I'll take one later on. (which I did) Quite a different mixture of guest within the crowd and the staff were all attentive. The canapes were delicious and the champagne, I can't even describe how amazing it was. I would say it was an event well organised and even though I didn't buy anything, I still enjoyed myself there. I was hoping to see some new spy bags but unfortunately there wasn't any.

After an hour, we left and I went to bid farewell to the lovely sales lady. She's absolutely fantastic and her name's Radiah. Do look for her when ur at DFS Fendi, great service and even after so long she still remembers my name. Just love her. ^^ She also escorted me out and passed me goodies bags that contained their latest catalogs, a Fendi note pad and Jone's Honey Bread Man. Only the best for their customers.

Tired but excited
I even curled my hair for the event ^^

My all time favourite boutique

My goodie bag

Cute little cookie

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