Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bling Wallets

These wallets are so so so cute!! So I got one for myself ^^ My wallet doesn't allow me to put my notes properly and its too fat for a lot of my bags.
It's been years since i carried a long wallet and this is really flat. The auction has closed and I can only get the back view of it. Nice bling light pinkish color and its like only 220NT. ;p When times are bad.. cannot wish for branded stuff. Cheap items also can look good.

Then I poisoned my twin into getting it as well and she got one more white one.

If only the one below wasn't so big, or I will have gotten it.

1 comment:

SundayGal said...

yar lor... all ur fault *lol*

Yeh if the pink quilted one wasn't so bulky I'd have gotten it instead of the white one.