Saturday, April 12, 2008

Farewell My Dear Pazzion

It's been days and my indigestion has not got any better. All thanks to my greediness. ;p I think trying to get fat is tougher than I thought and only the wrong places get fat. Like what you ask? Like my tummy!! You should see how inflated it is when it's all bloated up. Looks like I'm 3 months pregnant...

Anyway, it's a Saturday night and I'm not out. (surprise surprise) Well, that's good for my wallet and I can carry on with my money saving plans (for now!). OR till my spree loots come next week. *Muwaahahahahha* I need to change the clothes I wear everyday and I'm getting too comfortable with T-shirts all the time.

In an effort to save money and resist the temptation of going for the 40% off digital perm at Kimage, I emailed a promotion for one salon to agree to be their hair model for a perm course that their professional stylist are participating in. Unfortunately I have yet to get a reply and I know how "hot" such free services are and I didn't join till like days later. *sobs* Please slot me in.. please save my wallet. $$$

By the way, I was at a baby shower today and seeing the happiness in my friend's eyes just seem so fulfilling. The baby's adorable and it was a chance to get together with them after so long.

Sadly, the sole of my Pazzion heels came off when I was on the way to my friend's place. This is the 2nd time this shoe has given me problems but I don't blame it. I had it for quite some years and when I looked at it before disposing it away, I realised it was so beat up. The cloth on the shoe was stained from all the wearing and rain, the seams on the sides are fraying (quite badly), the heel actually crocodile once and I got the cobbler uncle to glue it back and today, the sole underneath came off. So I think I have worn that heel long enough and Joe will not blame me for the recent pair of new heels I got. LOL! It was the first heel I got from Pazzion and probably one of the pairs that I wore the longest. I'm proud of myself for being a loyal lover of my heels but frustrated as well when something like that happened. Can you imagine if the shoes were to split into 2 then I have to make my way home to change. Not to mention, the embarrassment of walking in an awkward manner and my neighbors will think I'm nuts. LOL! Too bad my recent pair of heel isn't casual enough and it left me with loads of blisters! (and I really mean a lot!) Nvm, I'll work hard to get another pair next month. ^^

So, do anyone have recommendations for places to buy heels. I'm picky on design and comfort, they both have to come hand in hand. Usually I get shoes from Gripz, Ninewest and occasionally Charles & Keith. Places I black listed are Mondo and anything that is a clear sign of a poorly made in China heels. It's sad but true.

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