Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fendi, Babies and The Sun

I got an invite from Fendi in the mail a couple of days ago and since I'll be near town tomorrow, I decided to drop by and ogle at their latest gorgeous bags. ^^ I missed the last Cle De Peau event, so I'm not missing out on this one. I hope they have some nice food as I'll be starving at that time. -.-

Yesterday I went for my last facial with leonard drake and now I have spot on my face but it was one of the fastest session I've had so far. In a way, it's a good thing. Shows that there wasn't too much clogs as compare to before. So my theory of using the same brand of products kind of works. Now, I just need to be more diligent when it comes to exfoliating my skin as the lady commented that I had lots of dead skins. =(

After that I spent some time looking around for a baby gift for a friend's baby shower. He utterly adorable and I thought maybe my gift will be useful for him in the next couple of years. Well.. provided he doesn't smash it, step on it, hit it, chew it... ... whatever. *shrugs*

As I was having lunch just now, I thought I felt a little light headed. The weather has been terrible and it's unbelievable hot during the day. It makes me so tired that I feel like sleeping right now. z_z I'm drowning myself with litres of water but I suppose I'll just hop onto the bathroom and take a nice cool shower. ;p

By the way, those who are interested in getting bags from Taiwan, I have a bag spree going on at my blog and the F Cup Cookie as well.. I just need another 2 boxes before I order. Hopefully I can get it before my current box runs out. >.<


My wall decal that I painstakingly pasted up. Sadly it came in the wrong measurements but it still look nice though.

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