Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is It O.K To Feel Down or Disappointed?

The answer will be yes.

We are all humans after all. Feeling sad, depressed, disappointed and having to meet with failure are all part and parcel of life. It puzzles me why people can shy away from it or make such emotions feel like a sin. Expressing these emotions will help us get through life easier and make us grow stronger. There's nothing ashame or childish about it but those who avoid (in my opinion) are the ones who behave so. One should not expect others to take things with such grace and dignity as we all stumble once in a while and we shouldn't be ashame of it.

I'm not feeling exceptionally sad lately, just a tad disappointed in certain aspects of my life or people. Humans are not perfect and one should never judge another unless you're perfect yourself. Obviously, we all are not.

"Just something to ponder on ... ..."

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