Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's always been a dream for me and oh how rare it is to come by. I totally adore this bag and especially this color. I know how irritating it is to know that green has always been a color I dislike but yet it's gorgeous for this bag. Sobs*

It'll be an eternal regret if I don't get it. The fact that it's one of the rarest color around that makes it even more attractive. Then there's the question.. Do I want this coz it's unattainable or do I really love it. Maybe the thought of having both colors for the Fortuny spy is extremely tempting. This was one of the first spies I had wanted but I got the bronze one instead. I suppose this color was so rare, they might not have had it in the first place. Now that there is, I'm so lost and in such grave dilemma.

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