Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Meaning Behind Preserverence

"The skies have turned gloomy. It was still sunny and warm, but now it has become dark and unpredictable.

I was hoping there be fun when the sun is there and I did. When the sun hid behind the clouds, my paced slowed down to enjoy the breeze. It was then I realised it was just me, only me. When the rain dropped softly upon my hands, it just got wetter as they came. The rain poured and I was there, alone with all the tears washed off and no one will ever know I cried.

Everyone feels sad on a gloomy day but I find joy and laughter in the breeze. Sadly, he didn't see it. Sometimes I feel down on a sunny day but he told me it wasn't right cos' when the sun comes out everything should be fine. No, it wasn't and it will not be as you never saw the smile I showed you on those many dark and gloomy days. "

"A friend asked if I wanted to be positive. My answer is yes.. but if you've tried so hard for so long, can you still be?"

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