Monday, May 19, 2008

A Bumpy Week

The days have been sweltering hot and I think I'm down with a cough. Been out rather often for the past week and feeling kind of tired with the heat and all. It's no wonder I feel sick and most of the time, exhaustion is the main cause. I need a nice, cool shower right now (or after I'm done with this).

Sprees are closing soon and I'll be busy consolidating and sending in orders. A report I'm trying to send through email is too big and the mail keeps bouncing back. It's time someone did something about this. We should all be able to send huge files through emails!!!

Job lately has been on the low side and I hope to pick things up again.. cos when that's low, so will the finances. -.-"

My phone has been rather strange and there were twice when I flipped it open, there was nothing on the screen. Then when I let it be and opened it later, it comes back on again. When my early upgrade voucher comes this year, I'll probably keep it and maybe get an iPhone or something to hold onto if *choy!* my current phone K.O. I don't know whether if I regretted getting the sidekick but a part of me wants it and another part of me wants to sell it off. I'm not the kind who will want to drag my finances down just because I love it so much. If there's a "crisis", I need to do something about it.

Moving onto something else ...

My friend's garage is having a grand opening tomorrow and I hope there be food there. Yeah! I'm a food person and keeping the guest starving is not what I approve of. ;p Now I'm contemplating on whether to send them flowers or an advertising space. I'm still waiting for the car magazine editor to send in the price list for it and apparently if it's free then there will be just that one small space on the local events section. -.- Too miserable if you ask me but I somehow hold back on the full page write up as well. So far, no local car magazine has ever impressed me with their writing. I will thank god if it's even factual to begin with. This is speaking from experience and not just "oh I heard it from someone". If after paying for a full page and the write up isn't what I expected, it's not just a disappointment but also a bad start to an opening. Still, I'm quite excited at the thought of friends fulfilling their dreams and seeing them work hard at it.

(15mins have passed and my file is still loading ... ...)

My week has passed with other unfortunate events like breaking my shoe (3 pair this year) but good thing I managed to still be able to walk with that broken shoe for the next half an hour before I got another pair at Taka. OH! Speaking of which, the malls in town are all having a sale. DO check it out if there are stuff you need but I hope it doesn't involve a broken shoe. ;p As for me, I'm now on a shopping ban till god knows when.


Movie Critics : Spreed Racer

I watched the show, Speed Racer and it totally bored me till death. Rain is cute, yeah! Unfortunately, that doesn't interest me enough. I do watch cartoons, animated movies but this is really boring to the core. The animation was too lame to begin with and the storyline for a race theme movie isn't impressive enough then not to mention it's not some cute cartoon where you can laugh your ass off. The only funny parts are when the chimpanzee in the movie imitates the move of his owner.


Gaming Updates :


It's growing well, I hope! I've been neglecting it for a while and it's always hungry in the morning cos their owner is still hidden under the covers. ;p Bad, so bad! They're now happily playing with musical instruments and I will soon match make them so they can have babies. LOL!


I've finally got my hands on Cooking Mama 2 and it's many times more amazing then Cooking Mama 1. This time I can dress up characters, have friends, do the usual unlocking of food. It can get quite addictive at times that I ignored my Tamagotchi for it.


Review on PS Cafe Paragon

A few days ago, I was with friends at PS Cafe at Paragon and we had quite a bad experience there. There were initially the 2 of us and another gf came to join us later on. While she was making her way there, we approached the waiter for a table that can sit 3 and we needed to switch if they had an available table. He looked around and told us that all the tables were taken and we gave instructions that if there is an available table then it be good if they can move us over.

Customers left and tables were available but they chose to sit the walk-in customers first and ignored our request. After mentioning two more times on our request, nothing was done. They even sat a single customer on a table that could have accommodated the 3 of us and that left my "evil" twin very upset. Our gf came and was left standing for a couple of minutes. No one approach her or us to ask if we needed help in getting an extra chair or table. In addition, the pasta that my twin ordered had a stone in it.

She complained to the person in charge about her displeasure and expected some form of compensations. (i.e. waiving off the services charge as she said there was no service to begin with) Sadly, nothing was done and we now officially blacklisted that place.

We will however give credit to the outlet at Dempsey, they were fantastic every time we went there.

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