Friday, May 09, 2008

Chicky & Me

What's with this toy that leaves me addicted to it for years and even needing it more than my belove NDSL.

1 thing I know they have in common is that they both look cute and PINK! ;p Ya..ya.. I'm pretty much a sucker for pink. My pink Hello Kitty table lamp, pink pigs and pink keyboard shield is staring right back at me now. I realise the amount of pink tops I have in my wardrobe is overflowing. OH! Not to mention, the hair dryer lying there is also pink. Well of cos I'm not those pink princess who dresses herself all pinkish for a night out with my gfs. I'll be insane if I do that and probably get my "sista" to smack me hard.

Anyway, I just got my new Tamagotchi V5 last night and it's really quite fun. Given the new features that now I can rear 3 different characters at the same time. It's not called family for nothing, you do rear a "family" all at the same time. It has different food to choose from, whether is it a meal or a snack. Games are more than the older versions as well and the level of games will only be unlock as they age. There's even a TV shopping feature and my adorable babies can also travel on the "Travel Show". There is also a dating game but they're too young to join right now. Then I can also connect it to the PC and explore Tamatown with it. Really amazed by the number of features they have added in.

Poor phone camera >.< *******

Not long, I'll be side kicking (I hope).

Yes it's pink but it's cute and Juicy! I'm currently doing a research on this baby and hopefully, I can find an effective method in unlocking it. I can almost imagine this baby with pink crystal and I can assure you how gorgeous it will look! *Distracted for a moment as my chicks just Poo-ed*

It's time to get real thrifty and I hope I can show some discipline in that area.
*sits down cross legged, locked up in meditation*


:: Added Entry ::

My Ban on China Made Clothings ... (Why?)

Looking at the above, you may say it looks like a normal piece of dress that you aways see on Taiwan auctions. This was taken off from a up and rising China website call, it is similar to Taiwan websites that offer clothings and accessories. The above dress cost 58RMB, which is almost about the average price of clothings we can get from Taiwan.

I honestly do not need to say "upon closer observation" as it's so pretty obvious that this dress is horribly sewn and put together. The neckline isn't even and the pleat is all over the place. Even someone who doesn't have much expectations for clothings can see the flaws in this dress. On a scale of 10, I will gladly give it a -10. I just had to put this up as a warning for those who wants to get cheap clothings and we really don't need to go to that extend. Even This Fashion looks better than that.

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