Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day ^^

It's Mother's Day and I actually stayed home for dinner. The crowd outside is insane and I think my mum will prefer if everyone gathered to have dinner together. I got her some carnations and she can stare at them for the next couple of days. ^^

Pink and red carnations

I told Joe never to buy me Carnations as I really don't like them but it's mother's day.. so Mother RULEZ! lol!


The chocolate that girls drool upon on and pesters their friends to grab them a dozen if they were popping by Hokkaido. (It can also be bought at other parts of Japan)

As the name of the chocolate biscuit suggests, it has a layer of white chocolate and this taste best when refrigerated. Yes! It's absolutely fantastic and I just loves how it just breaks apart with one little bite. I was hoping they can have a dark chocolate version instead as I find white chocolate too sweet for my liking.

The packaging is lovely (as usual) and having them individually wrapped will ensure their freshness with every single one of them. My gfs are crazy over this but I just take it whenever Joe happens to buy it on his trips to Japan. Although the box does reminds me of Cigar boxes. ;p



"Ah Dah~ kick kick kick"

It's juicy, it's pink.. it's simply babe-licious! Baby, when will you ever come to mummy...

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