Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ultra Cuteness!

It's been a while since I played with it and I feel bad abandoning what used to be a love.. well it still is though. ^^

Say hi to my ... ...


I know it's child's play but I've always loved it since I was in my teenage years, Anything cute simply catches my attention and even till now I've not grown out of it. In fact, I'm amazed at how much functions they were able to incorporate into this small device. It's just amazing! I'm hoping Joe will be able to get the latest version from Japan but I'm not sure if the airport will have it. *sobs* Otherwise there's still EBay to rely on for all sorts of stuff. ;p

Then I went mad and did this to my current one.. lol! I just can't help it when something doesn't bling -_-" and I got that cookie monster as a freebie, cute eh!

Then after some ransacking of my drawers, I found this!

Kawaii ne ~

This was given to me last year, if my memory serves me right. I've been wanting to get something fluffy and cute for my mobile, this shall make do for now. ;p It's kitty madness on my mobile now and please don't mistaken that I'm a fan of Hello Kitty. Yes, my room has a couple of kitty stuff but honestly it's cute stuff that attract my attention and the ones I have just happen to be cute. ;p

Photo from Twin Bday Dinner ^^

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