Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Wedding K Drama

My twin intro-ed me a Korean show call Wedding. It was shown quite long ago (i believe) but even though I couldn't stand how draggy it got at one point in time, I still continued watching. Of coz it took me more than a week to finish or I might just ban myself from watching it whenever it reaches a slow or childish plot. *faint*

KDrama is still a lot on love and relationships. Half the time they just make viewers cry endlessly with all the sad story lines. There are some that I do enjoy watching and usually they come with some comical acts. Even till now, I'm not a huge fan of KDrama but I definitely find the songs in the drama rather appealing that I listen to them almost everyday.

I wonder what my weekend will be like? (sigh~ and it's only Tues...)

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