Monday, June 30, 2008

Beauty Is A Never Ending Journey 2 Perfection

No matter how many products I try, all seem to be better than the other. It's so hard to choose the right one for myself when they keep coming up with improvements that I can barely keep up with. Now we also understand why guys spend their money on cars and that never stops as well.

I was looking at the MAC cosmetics at Taka and I wanted to try the Fixer. I really want something that can help keep my makeup on throughout the day.. and I really mean the whole day. Not just a couple of hours but from morning till night.

I can be a little slow with products and even though it's been around for some time, I just happened to stumble upon it online. To my surprise, they were going to face out the fixer as they have new improve fixers (or moisturisers) that they claim will work better than the older version. I was then further confused by the 3 different types of it but the sales girl was patient to explain them all to me.

My plans are to get Joe to bring back the fixer (if no longer available, I'll try the charge water above) for me from the US and possibly a face brush. Unfortunately I was taken aback by the price of the brush and I can easily get like 3 fixers instead. *phew~ I LOVE animals so I shall go for the flat top brush I saw on Everyday Minerals. (as shown below)

I've never really tried applying foundation with a brush but now I will. Since I'm planning to get the mineral foundations after I'm done with Majorlica. I really loved Majorlica for it's superb coverage but I also want to try Mineral makeup as I read that it doesn't clog pores and it's pretty good to use. Majorlica tend to whiten the face a lot when I just apply it but it does blend in well after an hour or so. Many have also been tricked into believing that I'm fairer than my Twin.. obviously not if you see my hands and legs. -.-" Anyway, I want something even more natural that I can used on a daily basis without the clogs. My pores are easily clog and I don't want to stress them further.

:: Rants ::

Lately, my macbook has been giving me problems. There's a line appearing on one side of the screen AGAIN! The last time they changed a new screen for me and I suppose they'll have to do it again. In addition, there seems to be something wrong with the DVD player/writer as well. From the last time I got it, I have difficulty inserting the CD and I know that I've procrastinated long enough to bring it in only now. Then now it has cranky noises and sometimes it seems hard to eject the CD as well. Time to do something about it!

:: Raves ::

I'll also like to share a new product. Well! Technically it's been around for quite a number of months but it's still pretty new. I bought the travel size packaging and totally fell in love with it. So when I was done with that, I got the huge can instead.


I can't find a picture online but you can easily get it at Watsons. If you have permed hair, this is like one of my favourites so far. It holds well, without the stick and stiff feeling. Since it's in a can form, you can easily press on it and the mousse spreads on well. Then the smell is also nice and fruity, keeping my hair nicely scented throughout the day. You can get the small can and pop it in ur purse for those mid days touch ups.

Pardon the blur picture, new camera maybe.. as a bday pressie ;p Please get me one with lightening fast speed that can handle my shaking hands.

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