Sunday, June 15, 2008

Juicy Couture SideKick 2 Bling

Phone : Juicy Couture Limited Edition Sidekick II
1000 over Crystals and 3 days of dedication

I really enjoyed myself while torturing my eyes fixing those crystals on my beloved phone.

I spent a between 3 - 5 hours a day doing just the front of the phone. The amount of concentration was unbelievable and finally after 3 days I managed to complete it. It's probably one of the nicest so far I've done and the difficulty level for it was pretty high. The curve and buttons involve.. *faint* The choice of color was amazing and it sparkles even without light. I just felt so satisfied after all that hard work. ^^

So now I have yet another phone to add to my portfolio of bling-ed up phones. (big smile of satisfaction)

Be Dazzled!


These are some late pictures .. I had really red nails for like a week. They were painted (FREE!) by FIL Academy and the students there were really nice to talk to. ^^

But I destroyed it by changing my bathroom's shower hose and head. ;p

As I'm typing this entry, my sis-in-law walks in with my newly bought SK II cleanser.. good skin days are here to stay!!!!!! That just made my day, man.
Now I somehow miss the days of my acrylic nails and somehow the price and long journey involved puts me off. Still, I hope to be able to do it again.

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