Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer
Verdict - I'll be back for more!

There are many things that mankind has invented that never fails to amaze me and one of them is "The Singapore Flyer". This has now taken a place ahead of Sentosa as one of the must visit tourist spot. I love taking ferris wheels and this is one of the best rides I have had for the past couple of years.

I manage to get free tickets from my sis-in-law or let's just call it a barter trade. ;p In exchange for her wedding montage to be exact. LOL! Can I get one more ride for a night view? *goes all sweet and innocent*

It was super crowded that day but the queue was relatively smooth flowing. They had this room where we can take a group shot "in" the ferris wheel. Technically it's a green background where they can do amazing things for the background but in my opinion it looks unnatural. Who in a world can take a picture outside the flyer looking in?!?!

Anyway, after 10mins or so we were on our way towards our cabin. ^^

I spotted the "semi sleeks" on the Flyer.. lol! Why are there tyres running?? Okay I'm not that technical, so better stop cracking my brains..

1 cabin can fit approximately 28 people and with the people in front, we filled up the cabin. If you have jelly legs but still love going up for a view, I suggest u try to grab a seat in there.

Alternatively, Joe hangs onto dear life when I asked him to take this shot. ;p Fear of heights my dear?!
Quote: "You can see from my heels that I don't."

Is that fear or excitement I see?!

Up, up and away!!

I think this is a nice replacement for the NDP venue. Nice skyline and lovely sea view but still not high enough ... ...

Say hi to my neighbouring cabin.. ^^

Busy down at the IR

Almost to the peak of things.

The peak is attainable.. just spend $29.90.

Joe reckons I'm nuts to be able to look down.. ;p

Did anyone mention that the Flyer is built based on feng shui? From what I see, the fountain might be..


This was a random photo I took. The yacht version of the "Lambo".

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