Thursday, July 24, 2008

FuFu's Beauty Department

Today I shall show you my very own Beauty Department. Well, it takes up quite a space in my wardrobe but I'm hoping to get a dressing table soon (kindly sponsored by my dear relative).

It was a strange time to spring clean and I actually did it at like 1am. -.- I suppose it's just one of those moments when I simply felt like doing it. Considering I'm quite a neat freak, so I don't like seeing stuffing all over the place. There were also old cosmetics that I had to dispose of before it starts molding.

Okay! So, here goes!!!

Here you can see my daily skin care regime, I swear by SKII for now. I'm really hoping to change to something that can suit my current skin condition and probably save my wallet as well. Lol! Although I must say it's given me relatively good skin for the past ... ammm... I totally forgot how long I've been using it but I'm sure it's been at least 4 years. It's amazing but true. This is the first time I'm that loyal to a skincare but you know our skin changes overtime and I might need to use other stuff. I'm also using the Kose Cleansing Oil, it's not bad and smells nice. Then there's my HA sun block and Keratin Hair oil ( blue cap & yellow bottle). There's also ELF items, cheek stain, la mer, everyday minerals, etc.

Followed by my cosmetics on the right, it's just part of them that I leave them outside to remind myself to use them. ;p It's common to forget about them and so I rearranged them and placed them outside as a reminder. They are mostly loose powders, makeup base and highlighters. There's also the glass jar I got from Ikea to hold my brushes and eyelash curler. <3 them.

These are some old stuff I digged out and still <3 them!! Anna sui black glitter eye shawdow - The color is really amazing but it always falls on the face when you apply it (quite common for dark eye shadows) but the trick is to either use concealer or loose powder to remove it. I'm not good with smokey eyes, so I haven't touched it since that one time I used it but I'm picking up the techniques from other experts in youtube. I'll try again some time. Then there's the pink eye shadows from ELF, it's really sweet and I end up using it to brighten my eyes as some of the colors are quite light. Then there's the Skin Food compact that I've finished using and the cover is just gorgeous.

:: Loots ::

I've finally got my hands on this exclusive range of Pantene. It's not found here (sadly) but easily available in Japan or Taiwan. Maybe I'll try it out tomorrow and I'm really having high hopes on it as it is highly raved in Japan. Always trust the Japanese to judge what's good and what's not. ^^

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