Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hair Bands, A Thing Of The Past?

When I see hair bands, I always think of my Primary school days. It's a nightmare! It reminds me of those thick, cloth ones that I wore to school and probably threw them aside after that one time. It's hideous! Absolutely unacceptable!

Till today, I went to the local accessory shop to get a hair band that I could use to wash my face with. In the end, I was fascinated by all the colors available. Not to mention, THE BLING ones as well. *Grrrrr..* So, I got 2 of them. 1 in pink and another in a shiny bronze color. I thought it might match the light brown hair I have right now and I'm loving the color so much that I will proabably be having it for the next 1 year or more. ;p

I like to cover the sides of the hair band. That gives a more feminine look minus the "auntish" feel. Hair bands are no longer used as a tool to hold back the fringe or loose ends but an accessory to add color to an attire and your hair. I haven't quite tried it yet but I will.. one day. ;p

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