Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I <3 My Friends!! Birthday 2008

This is a belated post of what happened during my birthday week. Although I didn't make as much plans as compared to the past years but it's quite touching and memorable. Friends and relatives remembered, sending me well wishes on that very day. Really <3 you guys (and girls)!!


It's amazing to even have one good friend in my life, so do have a few just makes it overwhelming. You people make a part of me and without you guyz just makes me feel incomplete. The presents, meals and wishes simply touched me very much. I secretly hope birthdays should just last a month long. ;p

Okay! To start, I had a nice quiet dinner with 2 important people in my life although 1 more didn't make it and she made it up a few days later. Thanks sweetie! I'm not going to state who coz you know who you are la!! =) My first dinner was at a lovely family Korean Restaurant at Square 2. I went there once and it was amazing, so I decided to bring my urge for Korean food there.

(was too excited over the food, so just took pic of the bbq stove, starters and side dish)

The owner is a lady and she's fabulous! Extremely friendly and she struck a conversation with me while I was unwrapping a present given by a very generous dear friend. Thanks by the way! ^^ I really loved it and I totally remembered mentioning how much I love that particular type of stuff when I was at that shop once. It was a very well thought gift. Anyway, the lady boss also like it and was sharing her interest with me then she came to know that it was my birthday. So when it was time for dessert, she stuck a candle into our cheese cake and sang a Korean birthday song with a waitress. Totally sweet of them! <3 you too!

Okay, now to show u the lovely present I was talking about. It's a friendship cup made in association from those used in the past China dynasty period of time. The workmanship is immaculate and the blending of colors are stunning. It even came with a nice poem to read. ^^

Other presents that I got was a Kose Exfoliating Gel, vouchers and Maybeline Cosmetics. Knowing how much of a beauty freek I am, another dear friend bought me the Kose mask that is highly raved of and it's really nice to use. Go get it! The warmness of the mask is therapeutic and the mini beads makes my skin feel so clean. The vouchers are given by practical Joe (;p), although he says that there is a present in his luggage waiting for me. Oooo!!!! Then I came home to a bag full of Maybeline Cosmetics and it's all new arrival items. The angel foundation really makes the skin glow and it doesn't feel stick at all. The light blue pencil on the left is a blemish concealer and its like an eye brow pencil. So all you need to do is to twist and you can use it. All the colors suits my skin tone and I'm still testing them out.

This is the 3rd Birthday dinner, treated by a dear friend who couldn't make it for the first. It's a lovely restaurant at Labador Park and the food was AMAZING!! So as usually we missed out on the main course and what u see above is a starter. That's one huge huge huge mushroom but absolutely mouthwatering. I was on the phone when she took the photo, so I made a weird face for her. ;p

Anyway, my second birthday dinner treat was from 2 other nice friends. I was quite tired that day but I dragged myself out for scrumptious food and engaging company.

Mini Bday presents for myself - Everyday Mineral Cosmetic and Buffer Brush. I still have more coming in as I decided that this mini packaging wasn't enough. The brush is amazing and so so so so soft!! I really mean soft like baby ass.

Hmm.. How about a bigger bday pressie??
Feelings : Sinful


:: Beauty Reviews ::

I got samples from Kiehl's in a desperate attempt to cure the blemishes on my face. Seems like my hormones really can go nuts sometimes. I'm still using the Brightening Spot Corrector, it turned me off with a hefty price tag and a not that big packaging. $80 plus, people!! I felt relieve not getting it as none of my spots fade after using it but I'm still using it to prevent it from getting worse. The Micro - Dermabrasion is suppose to help to remove impurities and the beads in it act as an exfoliator. To be honest, it hurts and I don't like it at all. I didn't think that my skin felt cleaner after using it. The hydrating mask was just ok and my other mask does a far better job.

It kinda worried me as I asked Joe to get me the Blue Herbal spot (something) and the much raved about Toner (i forgot the name). Hopefully, it'll work...

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