Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beauty Is A Never Ending Journey

I've just managed to upload some pictures I've taken over the last 2 weeks. Sometimes I really get kind of lazy updating my blog.. it does not help when I don't have enough sleep. My eyes are turning panda and I really should wind my clock ahead of time, so I can sleep earlier.

:: Belated Bday Pressie ::
Ok, I have even super belated pressies for my bday. Everyday Minerals personal Kit and a few little samples. I'm totally in love with this right now and so I ordered one kit and share a sample kit with my cousin. Not everything is mine (I WISH!) but it just looks good together. ;p The color suited me well and I just love their brushes. It's ultra soft with good quality handles at a fraction of the price. If you like a light foundation with good coverage, I'll recommend this to you. The only down side I can think of is the sequence of using it. I often forget which comes next. ;p

:: Other Loots ::

I got a free trial kit from cle de peau beaute. They have pretty good service but their prices are pretty steep. Although I know they are suppose to be good but I think it's better that I try before investing that $180 on just one moisturiser alone. It's even more costly than my SKII. *unbelievable* 3 days into using it, I kind of gave up. It has a nice texture and I love that it's fragrance free but it somehow doesn't give me that smooth feeling like how SKII cleanser can achieve. My face felt squeeky clean, which I didn't like and my face didn't feel or looked any different. Yes, it's only 3 days but usually if they're really good, I should have seen or felt some form of differences. So now, I shall have to carry on looking for other brands.

Since I was around Taka, I tried to look for a concealer and I was put back by some of the high prices charged by some of the cosmetic counters. Till I came across Stila.. I remembered their girly packaging and the name of their concealer attracted my attentioon, Perfecting Concealer. It has the most shades I've ever seen and if not for the girl at the counter, I've zero idea on which to choose. It's only $35, I know it's not the cheapest but If you do know the prices at the other cosmetic counters, this is like so affordable. It is small and I can easily pop it into my purse for those mid day touch ups. The shade suited me perfectly and it can be used on the eye area as well. That's what I call Perfect!

*starting to feel fatigue as I type...*

:: Beauty Reviews ::

If you watch 女人我最大, then you might have come across this product. It's actually cotton pad but they're individually wrapped nicely in pink foil. I almost forgot about them till I was editting my pictures. It's a moisture booster for those dehydrated areas. It comes in a pair and you can stick 2 on the cheek area. I used it once before and I think it works fine. The convenience of being able to wipe it all round or as a mask.


In one of my previous post, I commented about some D.I.Y project I was doing. It was completed the day after but I'm only posting it now. Hold your breath and behold..the re-conditioned Chanel.

I totally wiped it and redyed the double Cs and I appluade my courage for doing this myself. I must have been mad to begin with but the prices charged at the professional cleaners were too much for me to bare. So I hopped to spotlight and got myself some dye. =) Love it and the white looks brand new.

:: Therapeutic Practises ::

I almost forgot how much I love floral arrangement.

Next up, my new dressing table ... ...

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