Monday, August 04, 2008

New Found Love - American Brands

M.A.C has always seem quite a hot brand for cosmetics but it's only recently that I got my hands on it. Introducing the "outdate" Fix+ and I also got a spf lip conditioning balm. I really like the clean and neat packaging, which makes it easy to carry around in all my purses.

Currently, I'm using the Fix+ together with my everyday minerals and I'm loving it. It does keep it in place longer and the refreshing feel of the Fix+ can wake me up in the morning. Although, I do prefer to spray it in my brush, rather than the face. I might need more sprays and sometimes miss certain spots if I spray it on my face. Not the time to waste when things are getting costly.

Followed by Kiehl's Candedula Toner, which I've used for 4 days already. It smells lovely with that soothing floral scent and there are actually flower in it. Mmmm.. *relaxed* ;p

It's going for 20usd in the US and slightly cheaper than SGP. The texture is really light and I kind of love it. It just makes my face feel (mmm...) - I'm not sure how to describe that feeling. The face still feels clean but with a therapeutic sensation. It doesn't stresses the skin like those with chemicals and preservatives added. So this is quite good for those who have sensitive skin. I'm going to continue using for a month to compare the results with my SKII toner. If it's good, I might just switch to this.

Another items from Kiehl's and this one is not as light as the toner above. It's the blue herbal spot treatment. I'm using this for my acne and blemishes. It's transparent and has a light texture. You only use like a really thin layer because I believe the ingredient in this is relatively strong. The other day, my acne was like swollen and red. When I applied this on it, I could feel a slight tingling sensation. I believe the skin was a little thin and the (watever~) acid is penetrating through. It really works! The next day, the swelling has gone down and I'm continuing it for these few days to see it my blemishes will lighten and hopefully dry off. At least, it seems to be working better than my Johnson's one.. it never cures any acnes in 3 days as claimed. -.-

By now, you might have notice the cute brown crystal dog and you're probably wondering what the hell is it doing in the midst of my skincare. It's a belated present. ^^ Bling! Bling! It's so cute and it comes with other buddies but this little cutie is enough for me. However, I will gladly accept the other buddies if anyone were to give them to me as pressies. =D

:: New Hair ::

I had to use rollers even after blowing the ends inwards...arghh so frustrating. It's too thin as that was the hair cut from my previous perm. I straighten it as I feel a little old with the perm at that length but I must say he did a relatively good job. I'm using the Velcro rollers, they're fabulous! I usually use it on the crown and the fringe to pump up the volume but here I'm only using it on the sides to curl in the hair. Looks nice right!? By an hour later, it's curling out again! sigh~ Still, it's better than just blow drying, as it curls out even more. So I need to start thickening that part of the hair to make sure it stays in the right position. Anyway, my stylist trimmed it a little to make it less stubborn. I hope it works but I reckon he just made it a little shorter so it doesn't rest on the shoulder. * tsk tsk * I know it ok!!! lol! tricky him. Secretly, I might have wished he didn't do that but it's fine with me.

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Anonymous said...

congrats for never doing acrylics nails again as they are so fake, it's far more elegant and sexier to have ur own long nails painted nicely, not to mention it's oso healthier !