Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekends (Friends / Comex )

Just to update on some photos taken over a few weekends and I really starting to wonder how much I love to eat. All my pictures are taken at coffee shop, hawker centre, cafes, etc. Okay, I'm trying to cut down on supper...

My evil twin thinks I look like an ah lian in that picture.. fond memories of sec school days flood back when I used to eat at that hawker centre after school. People at that time say I look like ang moh lian coz I speak English all the time. ;p

This was some weekends ago when we had a celebration dinner for a friend. Stone grill at Changi Village and I ordered their steak. It was alright but I love my beef, "beef-ier". The meat was a tad too bland for me and you can easily burn yourself on the hot stone if you're not careful. Nonetheless, the company was fun. =)


Excited Is An Understatement

I can't stop thinking about my holiday in January next year, not when an A380 is involved. Yes, I've booked my ticket for that gigantic plane!!! It's my first ride on this plane and I've ever promised myself to try it but didn't think it be that soon. The excitement is unbelievable and I'll be on the upper level as I've also reserved the seat that I want. ^_^__v *yeah*

:: Comex ::

Later I'll have to squeeze my way through the comex (again) to get that yummy Sony Camera. I've been having a hard time deciding betwee the Sony or Canon model and both have their strengths. I'm very much a design person so looks kind of stand above performance but of cos it has to have acceptable when it comes to picture taking. I'm not going to sacrifice that much of a quality for looks. I know Canon is good with cameras but as human beings we all love new things and I'm aiming more for a compact camera, so size does matter. Well, at least with the selling of my other electronic gadget, I can afford to get a new camera without eating into the savings for my next year's trip. =)

Sadly, I met a sales promoter last night who wasn't too tactful with her words. I couldn't decide between the 2 and she asked me which model I was looking at before that. I told her and she asked me how much it was. $100 cheaper and she reponded with a "Then, you go buy from them la~". I honestly did not deserve that even though I knew her intentions weren't bad but more of a brainless response. I could only tell her that money wasn't the issue here. Since you asked, I responded (full stop). I was once a sales person and partly now, still is but I will never talk to a customer in that manner. As a paying customer, I don't think I'm going back to her. -.-"

Which sony model am I buying? Red is a magic color *wink*

:: Bling Sidekick on sale :

I realised how low budget forum members can be. I don't blame them for having a budget but sometimes if you have something exclusive to sell, forum is definitely not the way to go. I've placed my bling up sidekick there for sale and I even got people telling me that they can get a sidekick for 200. If so then I have to wait for someone else who likes my phone to come along. =) It's not something that you buy because it's new, just like how people don't see why you got to pay such a premium for old cars. Only people who appreciates it will see the value of it.

So I decided to take the risk and sell it elsewhere.. believe it or not, 39 interested buyers. ^^ I'll only know who and how much I can sell it off when Tuesday comes along. Ooow, so excited. ^^

Currently in $$ saving mode ... (well, trying~)

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