Friday, September 12, 2008

A Week Filled With Surprises

It's been quite a hectic week and I don't even want to go into details about it. Anyway, things are calm now and I hope for the best. Nevertheless, I will not forget to treat myself to some nice Japanese food and Japanese loots. Even with all the love for Korean food, I still miss all things Japanese. ^^

:: Loots ::

I'm surrendering myself (waves the white paper bag). It always gets worse when I make a vow not to shop, so better still I shall not. LOL!!!!! Anyway, I've told myself to keep my hands off cute stuff as I can get them in Japan, as well as accessories that I was just that close to getting in Far East Plaza. So I got myself things that I needed NOW.

Eyeliner pencil and a Boar Hair Brush

I kind of regret getting the brush as I didn't realise that it was hard. Never have I ever used just brush before and I didn't think it make my hair any smoother. In fact, it felt more rough... ...

The eyeliner on the other hand was fabulous. It gives me beautiful smokey eyes all the time and the glitter is a bonus for me. Not to mention, it's just $9.90 <3 <3 <3

:: Jap Organiser ::


I got lazy for months as carrying the organisers I have are such a hassle. Unfortunately, forgetting things were just as bad. It's already Sept and buying a '08 planner will mean wasting money, and then I chanced upon this organiser. Not only does the date start from Aug '08 but it extends till end Dec '09. Puurfect!! The design is cute enough to keep me mesmerised for quite some time and I can carry it even in my smaller purses.

:: Ikea ::

I finally decided to get this as my table top mirror. Originally I had wanted to get a mirror to be screwed onto the wall but I decided to save the hassle and get this instead. It's also cheaper. ^^

:: Anna Sui Lookalike Cotton Box & Majorlica Mascara ::

I love the anna sui look so much that I got a mirror with the same design as the box. ;p Beside it is the new Majorlica mascara that is suppose to provide volume and length to your lashes. The comb inside is different from the usual comb like brush head that they have. This time they use a dense brush instead. It is quite smooth to apply but i still prefer my SANA mascara for immense volume. This still adds more length than volume but it's so much easier to remove.


:: Events (Not) To Remember ::

Held @ this "eerie" looking building but it's really nice inside. The security there is also extremely tight. -.-

I love visiting Cozycot's forum (really!) but their 7 year Party was not as well as I thought. It was firstly sparsely furnished for an event and I was expecting something pink and girly all over. The turn up was excellent as they had quite a database of members but the programmes lined up by their sponsors were kind of "dry".

I sat through the hair styling show (since its one of my interest) but I was quite bored by it. The styles shown were relatively simple and I believe most of the girls there know how to do it. I would have love to see something more drama or unexpected.


:: M (Ministry) O (Of) F (Food) ::

I'm wondering if MOS opened a restaurant as it resembles them in terms of name, MOF. They serve Japanese food and the variety isn't too bad. The restaurant has nice and friendly staffs but it does get a tad cramp around that place. The menus are cleverly hidden under the table so that everyone gets one set each and you don't have to wave franctically just to get one.

I had my usual favourite, Sukiyaki. The beef is yummy and the soup is just like what I always loved with tons of vegtables.

Joe's Eel Bento with glistering rice and Eel..Literally!!

This is really nice and I didn't even add the mustard.

Ice Mocha and Ice Green Tea

Verdict : You gotta visit them if you haven't.. they're AMAZING!


:: What's New In The Man's World ::

Reckless driving is not advisable but on the "track" is fine. Look at them so hard at work on their new toys.. there's a child in every man. ;p


Mood : Enjoying the nice evening breeze ...

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hahah not forgetting that i broke ur eyeliner in the process of trying to line my eyes and driving at the same time...