Monday, October 06, 2008

F1 Adrenaline Rush

It's the first ever night race and I'm definitely proud of Singapore for holding this prestigious sport. The sounds of their engines can even be heard from a distance and as we near the location, our adrenaline started pumping and I was even more excited than the boys. XD

The last time I enjoyed watching a race event was the Japan GT. Beautiful Jap race queens, really wide looking cars and their engines were so loud, I needed ear plugs. Although the plugs came in handy for the F1 as well.

My view from above, I think it's not too bad and it was the qualifying night.
The cars were so fast, it's almost impossible to get shots of them zooming pass but I managed to get quite a few of them. =)
I recognise that sticker.. Red Bull!! ;p

View from the safety barriers

A video that I caught from the view above, it's not exciting since all you will see are cars zooming from right to left but it's the overall atmosphere there and the sounds of the engine. Just unbelievable.


Verdict : Best event of the year so far!
I totally am a F1 night race fan now and you'll definitely catch me there in the next 4 years in Singapore. =D

More blog posts to come with tons of pictures left untouched ...

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