Friday, October 24, 2008

Updating some rather old news..

I've been taking some time to update as there seem to be endless things to take care of. >.< I just managed to finish one errand that I've dragged for ages and even so, I was multi tasking along the way and took 2 hours to get it done. There are another 3 hanging around waiting for me to complete but I suppose I just have to take my time. My annual vacation will be coming up soon and I'm a bit afraid that I might not save up enough for the trip.. on a fairly tight budget now. *sigh* It will all be worth it when I'm there. =)

Unfortunately, the thought of having a pet is quite strong and I've been checking out on some information. Hopefully, I don't make any wrong choices for that. *Argh* It's so hard to choose lor! The japanese brands are so cute but you're like paying for the name and for a cheaper price, you can get a whole set of things. It's brain wrecking but of coz the comfort of my pet will come first. I'm very dedicated to them once I decide to have one. I applaude myself for having sent my pet hamsters to the vet, not once but twice! I just think they're just like humans and certain actions will amaze you. I ever had my hamster sneeze quite a number of times like when we've caught a cold. It responses to me like it knows I'm feeling down. Even on the brim of death, it stays alive just to see me each day and when I sent it into the vet - it passed away. The emotions that a pet can give you is extremely touching and we should all give them the respect like how we will want it for ourselves. Still, I've not made up my mind yet but I'll reveal once things are finalised. For now, some old news... ... (that's for not updating after so long~) This is my biggest loot ever and it filled up 3/4 of my desk (more than 2metres) and they're not just laid flat but stacked up!! I only got 3 items for myself =).

Who loves kim chi hot pot? =) It's really easy to make and yummy of coz!

A strawberry short cake that I made as a decor on my beauty table. Dugged out my ndsl for some game playing =)

This is one of the projects lying around waiting for me to complete...

Cle De Peau Event (Best event I've attended so far)

Held at an upscale japanese steak house, Angus House. It has a lovely clean decor and a small cozy space. That's the japanese make up artist and he's really very good. Creating a dewy, natural look for the model.

Final look.

Best food served in an event and these were just some of what's available.

Enjoying my weekend ahead ... ...

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